We are in the throws of undertaking our latest CD. This is a collaboration with an Australian A cappella diva featuring Australian arranged music and some surprise specials. More details to come mid year with some teasers before then! In the meanwhile……

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We are all VERY proud and excited to share our debut album. This album features at least one song from every decade between 1940 and 2010. Well, not quite, we missed something from 1950, however to make up for this we have included a beautiful sea shanty, circa 1880.

We have also gone for an environmentally friendly packaging option which we think you’ll really like. There are 11 main songs on the album, for those that buy the physical album you also have a 2 track bonus songs only available when you buy the physical album.

Please use the contact form to order the CD, also supply your preferred mailing address when using contact form. Paypal is used for payment an invoice will be sent for payment . Once payment is confirmed, CD is distributed.

In person (AUS) $15

Within Australia (AUS) $17.50

The Rest of The World $20.00

Sneak Peak

Some of you will be very interested to note we have saved 1kg of Co2 per CD using cardboard for our CD packaging material. Also the Australian company we used to replicate our CD have planted a native tree to help offset the CD replication process and any impact on the environment.

We hope you enjoy our CD, as it represents a snapshot of where we’ve been and where we have come from 2009-2013