January 2017


Maybe you are someone who sings naked in the shower but did you know there are thousands of people in choirs around the world who are singing naked?  Young and old alike are singing that way in public venues – shamelessly strutting their stuff!  And yet the authorities stand by and allow it to occur. Naked singers are particularly prevalent at Christmas time in shopping centres and in the vacinity of  Santa Claus.

These singers rehearse together for hours.  One would think they would get distracted.  They may get distracted by wrong notes or words but naked singing is not difficult.  You may be surprised to find that some well-known groups such as Pentatonix and the Kings Singers sing naked.  If you are curious, check it out on YouTube.

Singing naked is great fun and totally liberating.  Of course, I am speaking about a cappella singing – simply the human voice, without the accompaniment of musical instruments.

I am fortunate to be the musical director of Sydney Vocal Project – currently the New South Wales champions in “naked singing”.  There is a freedom in being naked and the same applies to a cappella singing.  However the risks can be high as the longer one sings without a fixed pitch instrument the greater the chance of a drop in pitch.  That challenge just adds to the group’s overall enjoyment and satisfaction in a performance well done.

Sydney Vocal Project needs male singers – and especially somebody with beatboxer skills.  If you are a male who can sing, why not audition?  We rehearse once a month at Ryde on a Sunday afternoon.  And sorry, but clothing is obligatory.

You will need to apply for an audition in advance by contacting Jim Catt on 0404 881 302 or email for more information. Auditions will be held on 15 January 2017 at a location in Ryde. See for more details on the audition process.