Jim Catt Formal

“I’ve always wanted to create an environment for great singers to sing, great music consistently well. The Sydney Vocal Project (SVP) is a male and female vocal harmony group, that consists of experienced choral singers who know how to use their voice and enjoy the challenge of making fantastic vocal music every time they open their mouths” – Jim Catt, Music and Artistic Director

Contact us: browncatt@gmail.com

Jim is a successful and well-respected conductor, having taught in many different countries including U.K., Germany, Australia and New Zealand. Whilst living in the UK Jim lead a then small ‘town choir’ to National and International recognition with multiple TV performances culminating in a BBC documentary made about the choir. This came about after the choir were finalists (top 3) two years ‘on the trot’ in the coveted Sainsbury’s Choir of The Year contest, a national televised choir contest with over 1000 choirs competing.

Jim also sang successfully in a vocal group that represented the UK 4 times at the World Championships for his chosen style of singing in the USA.

Since migrating to Australia under the distinguished talent visa programme (for his musical skills), Jim has coached all around Australia, directed a National Champion Choir and created two new choirs in Sydney. His most recent being “Sydney Vocal Project”, a mixed gender vocal harmony group for accomplished and well established singers. Jim also sang in FREEFALL who won the Australian contest and went on to represent Australia at the World Championships in Salt Lake City.